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The true job of the music teacher, is turning passion into artistry.

From the first lesson, Christian encourages students to think and engage their instrument like a musician. They are taught to take pride in their achievements, to practice independently and be open to all genres of music in order to develop their inner ear.

Christian works with his students to construct their own independent repertoire of 6 songs that THEY love and WANT to learn. Pop, jazz, classical, contemporary- no genre is off limits. Alongside this, students are taught basic music theory relative to their instrument, whilst developing their technical abilities through scales and excersizes. After three months learning their setlist, students are encouraged to record those 6 songs to document progress, before choosing a new repertoire which reflects the students new & improved abilities!

This unique method employed by Christian, keeps students progressing, whilst enabling them to be self reflecting, and to take pride in their musical journey. Furthermore, it inspires them with the knowledge that no song is off limits. In the 3 years Christian has used this method, dozens of students, adults and children alike, have been able to make huge progress within relatively short spaces of time!

Whether you dream of becoming a Piano Virtuoso, a session musician or piano soloist, Christian can help bridge that gap between amateur and professional. However, his lessons are also perfect for piano Hobbysists too! If learning the piano is on your bucket list, or simply something you’ve always been curious about, you’ll find that Christian’s lessons get you playing in no time!

Christian currently teaches at schools 4 days a week, alongside private lessons, and he is available for online as well as face to face lessons (with social distancing). Full DBS checked.

Prices: £30 1 hour /  £23 – 45 minutes / £17 – 30 minutes

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